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onsdag 30. juni 2010

Some sewing in June

I have done some sewing in June, I have sewn on a row with stars on my English paper piecing project.

Some of my batiks were cut in 2” strips, inspiration is Athena's puzzle.

I have not decided on what to do with the frame yet, no hurry I do not have the backing and batting with me, are in our cabin.


(The wind was blowing much today as it was not easy to get a picture)

Sidewalk in Prague

Two weeks ago I was in Prague, I’m sure that you have seen pictures from the most famous buildings, lovely view and lots of statues in Prague. As a quilter I found the sidewalks very interesting. Take a look at these lovely sidewalks.




I also like floors.  This floor is from the Hotel U Prince.



This floor is from St. Vitus Cathedral.



Still I’m working slowly when it comes to finished projects.  Today I was finished this small heart.  Many years ago I started this, only the bindings handsewing remained.   Well it’s done now and I can put it on my list of finished projects.