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søndag 30. mai 2010

Status Mai 2010

Hi I’m still here, not sewing much these days. Only one project is finished this month. I needed a new purse that goes with my turquoise dress. Here it is, 6 * 6.5 inch.

Veske i turkis

I have also finished the stitchery I was so lucky to win.

Sticheri ferdig gevinst

And I have dried dust of an old project. This is the kind of project that has no finished day; I guess it will take some years to finish it.  The joy is to have something that it easy to bring with me when I need some needlework.

Stjerneteppe pr 300510

lørdag 1. mai 2010

I got mail

Yesterday this came in my mailbox.  I was on of the lucky winners in the OPAM drawings for March.

I feel so lucky and I I’m so pleased with the pattern and the thread Really looking forward to make this cute project .

Thanks again to Kris and Peg.