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søndag 11. april 2010

Quilt to Mil finished

Yesterday MIL celebrate hers birthday and the quilt was given to her.  When it was quilted and the binding was done I were satisfied with the look.  This is my first finished quilt this month.

Bjørgs teppe

Bjørgs teppe detalj

fredag 2. april 2010

Quilt to MIL

It has been quiet from me some time, lots off stuff to do and not to much time to do some sewing.  Mil has decided to celebrate her birthday the 10. April instead of the 19. April, that give me some less time to finish hers quilt.

I’m not quite satisfied with the look of it.  I have laid out the blocks so you can have a look.

Teppe til bjørg 1Teppe Bjørg detalj 2 Teppe Bjørg detalj 1