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mandag 1. februar 2010

Lakehouse fabric quilt

This is the result of my project using fabrics from Lakehouse.  It’s very easy design, and I hope my friend will like it.  This quilt is very different from what I usually make.  I don’t have made many quilts with large scale prints; I find them hard to work with.
My next project is to make a charity quilt; I will use scrap from this project and some more leftovers from earlier.   I have started with one half yard and one ¼ yard and have cut 6 inch squares.  Normally I don't think this size of fabric are scrap, but now the plan are too use what's left of Lakehouse fabrics.  Now I will make some 6 inch blocks of the rest of fabrics, and some of my leftovers are relay small.  This will be easy crazy blocks, and I have no idea if this will be anything great at all.  I just have to start sewing and see.   

3 kommentarer:

Diana sa...

You made a very warm comforting quilt.

Beautiful in its simplicity.

Well Done.

Sigrun sa...

Nydelig Quilt. Lekre stoffer. Sommerfugler er så flott og nå som det er så kaldt ute så minner det meg om vår.

Gudveig HN sa...

Koselig tepep!