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For my foreign visitors: My blog is now only in Norwegian, please use Google translator for translation into your language.

lørdag 27. februar 2010

Table mats and potholders

Time to post the last of finished stuff in February. Not much sewing has been done lately. We were supposed to be in our cabin this weekend but sadly we could not go. All the snow has made some trouble for us. The roof in DS2 bedroom started leaking water, too much ice on the outside found a way in. DS2 need some place to sleep and off course my sewing room welcomed him.
The only things I can add to OPAM are two table mats and a pair potholders.

torsdag 11. februar 2010

Egg cosy

Time is going fast and soon it's easter. I have made some egg cosys and if you like them you can download the free pattern with Norwegian  text or with English text.

This is the first time I have made a pattern with English text, so don't expect it perfect :-)

mandag 8. februar 2010

Heart leaf

Last September Quil’Ten and Meretes Atelier had a quilt gathering. I took the class; quilting curves teacher was Lone Schaadt. It was nice to learn something new, sadly I didn’t had any time to try the technique right after the lessons, but this weekend my sewing machine are with me at the cabin. We are having some days of from work.

Well back to the heart leaf, I have forgotten some of the good advice Lone gave us, some I remembered after a while. I did my best and before I will be satisfied with any project with this technique I have to practice a lot.


I have also started with to place mats and I had a plan to show you step by step, but DH took the camera with him when he walked the dogs.  So instead for the start of my place mats here is to of the photos DH took.  
 The lack Vegar


mandag 1. februar 2010

Lakehouse fabric quilt

This is the result of my project using fabrics from Lakehouse.  It’s very easy design, and I hope my friend will like it.  This quilt is very different from what I usually make.  I don’t have made many quilts with large scale prints; I find them hard to work with.
My next project is to make a charity quilt; I will use scrap from this project and some more leftovers from earlier.   I have started with one half yard and one ¼ yard and have cut 6 inch squares.  Normally I don't think this size of fabric are scrap, but now the plan are too use what's left of Lakehouse fabrics.  Now I will make some 6 inch blocks of the rest of fabrics, and some of my leftovers are relay small.  This will be easy crazy blocks, and I have no idea if this will be anything great at all.  I just have to start sewing and see.