For my foreign visitors

For my foreign visitors: My blog is now only in Norwegian, please use Google translator for translation into your language.

søndag 24. januar 2010

OPMA January

Now I have taken photo of my last finished quilt, remember when I told you about me making two instead of one to my parents in law? Now the second quilt is finished. I did not quilt this myself. I delivered to the quiltshop QuilTe’n  they did a wonderful job :-)

I have also finished a small table runner, in the same fabrics I used for the two small tablecloths.  I don’t have any hope for finishing more projects in January.  Thursday I will start sewing on the quilt to my friend.   

lørdag 23. januar 2010

The dogs

We are at the cabin today;the dogs likes to be out in the snow. I prefer being
indoors with fire in the open fireplace and sewing bindings on my quilt.
Photos of the quilt I will post later, but photos of the dogs are in below.

Kaizer 1 year

Vranco 3 years


torsdag 21. januar 2010

New project

Now I want to start a new project. A dear friend of mine has got cancer and I want to make a quilt to her. She loves butterflies so choice of fabric was easy, it has to be with butterflies. I love this fabric from Lakehouse. Pattern I will use is very simple, square with one stripe around. Hope to start with cutting fabrics this evening.

Was on sale and these tree fabrics came home with me, stars fabric I have a plane for but not the one with hearts. Think the fabric with hearts will be nice inside bags and totes.

mandag 11. januar 2010


This year will I participate in OPAM, Last year I was no bloger when the challenge starded. Thanks Kris and Peg for being hostess to this great challenge.

I have my first project finished this month, two small tablecloths, they are placed at lunch table at work. Easy to do, I like it simple when I use batiks fabrics.

onsdag 6. januar 2010

Happy New Year

I want to wish you all a Happy New Year. I haven’t sewn much lately. Hope the New Year will give me many opportunities to do the thing I like most, to sew.
Photos in this post are the few things I finished in December 2009.

A small purse to my mum, photo are mum and her little brother, she was really surprised when she got it.

A table runner pattern, a Norwegian designer AnnAKa

Stars, also a Norwegian designer Kari Melsom

My Christmas tree