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søndag 27. september 2009

Plans for today

Finally the quilt is finish, and yesterday it was given to my parents in law and they loved it. I will do something else today, I will let the blocks I have to finish the quilt to myself rest in its box.

I have some nine patch blocks that I started with in May 2008. Scrap quilt are fun to do but they are taking time to do when you have to start with the entire cutting first. It’s time to do something with the blocks I have got finish.

It's autumn and summer flowers needed to be replaced.

lørdag 19. september 2009

It's quilted

My project is quilted. It has been a good progress for my quilt after I discover my mistake. Well the mistake I have done is that I don't are making one quilt but two. Yes that is the truth. I was wonder way I had to use so much fabric and I had a bad feeling about how long time it took to sew it. Well I found it out after my last post, and could not get the number of finish blocks and the one I need in my quilt. I will finish the second quilt later. The binding are on my quilt now, but it is to dark to take any photo so last photo will be when the quilt is finish.

tirsdag 15. september 2009

Progress in my project

Many squares to trim

A little cutting needed

Time to sew

Now I've made 96of this color combination

104 of this color combination, one more stripe and they are done.

onsdag 2. september 2009

My next project.

Here is the fabrics I will use in my next project. I'm going to sew a quilt to my parents-in-law who are celebrating golden wedding at the end of this month.

Step one is done, 200 squares 8.5 x 8.5 inch .