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mandag 31. august 2009

My sewing room

This is the result of what I have done the last two weeks.
I have cleared and change places on everything in my sewing room. I have thrown out three storage racks and a computer corner. I have moved a wardrobe from my kitchen in to the sewing room and installed some new shelves, and of course got a new smaller computer desk.

Lots of stuff in the shelves, I do like the idea I came up with to use curtains hanging from the roof.

My plan is to use the curtains as a designer wall to small projects. Hope it will work the way I have planed.

The sewing machine is now located in front of the window

The wardrobe from my kitchen

Iron and cut space

Computer corner

A dear little cupboard, for many years, I fit all my fabrics in this small cupboard.

A letter holder keeps track of my small rulers.

3 kommentarer:

LeKaQuilt sa...

Takk for titte :o) Det er altid like spennende å se hvordan andre quiltere har det på rommet sitt:o)

Nancy in Norway sa...

Gratulere med nyorganisert syrom. Synes du fikk det skikkelig flott nå!

Astrid sa...

Gratulerer med "nytt" syrom! Det ser skikkelig fint ut, og jeg er sikker paa at andre vil finne noen ideer ogsaa. Spesielt liker jeg gardinene/design veggen du har hengt opp!