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mandag 31. august 2009

My sewing room

This is the result of what I have done the last two weeks.
I have cleared and change places on everything in my sewing room. I have thrown out three storage racks and a computer corner. I have moved a wardrobe from my kitchen in to the sewing room and installed some new shelves, and of course got a new smaller computer desk.

Lots of stuff in the shelves, I do like the idea I came up with to use curtains hanging from the roof.

My plan is to use the curtains as a designer wall to small projects. Hope it will work the way I have planed.

The sewing machine is now located in front of the window

The wardrobe from my kitchen

Iron and cut space

Computer corner

A dear little cupboard, for many years, I fit all my fabrics in this small cupboard.

A letter holder keeps track of my small rulers.

torsdag 13. august 2009

Split nine patch rectangles

As you may have seen in my last post this is a technique I've used a lot.
It is very quick and easy sewing, and variation possibilities are truly many.

I have seen the pattern on several Internet sites and on one of these pages is called the technique Disappearing 9 Patch and referred to the Magic Pillows, Hidden Quilt by Karin Hellaby.
A while ago I purchased two packets of material pre-cut 5 "squares. On purchase I got a pattern by Eleanor Burns, which also describes this technique as the pattern called Tossed Nine-Patch.

All the pattern I have seen use squares, none of them use rectangels.

I have published part of this in the Norwegian Quilt Association's magazine. And now the magazine is out and I can show you others too.

This week I have really been sewn much, it was not the plan that I would sew the same technique every day, but as it was.

This is the block used in the tabel mats, cut size are 3 1/2 inch x 4 1/2 inch, 4 flower, 4 light, and 1 pink. This is for the nine patch block.

Cut the nine patch in 4 parts

Swap space on two of the blocks, at the top right with bottom left, or at the top left of the bottom left.

I have created a table that shows the size of the blocks,  based on the size of the pieces in the nine patch block. download table

Tabel mats, I have sewn 6  of these.  I have used two nine patch blocks in each table mats.

This is at baby quilt, I use the same size nine patch.  I used 9 nine patch blocks.  I love this butterfly fabric thats way I have a strip at the backs too.

One possibility is that one can have the rectangles as protrett or landscape. On the table runner I used rectangles as landscape. I have used 3.5 nines patch in the table runner. 

In this table mats that I have made 4 of, only one nine patch block in each table mats.


onsdag 12. august 2009

Gallery split nine patch

Here are some of the things I have sewn with split nine patch. I have used both squares and rectangles.  

søndag 9. august 2009

Sewing has been done

Finally, some sewing has been done :-) two weeks with vacation are over, one week left before its time to go to work. The first week we did a lot off work at home, renovate our bedroom. That was more work than I had in mind when we started, we stripped the room removed the wardrobe, the carpet and the flooring that was under it. We took all our clothes and moved them in to the living room.

Where are the lounge suites?

I painted the roof and the walls, DH lay new floor, and then we took a trip to Ikea (I look forward to Ikea will open a store in Krisitansand and we don’t have to drive 526 kilometer) and bought some new wardrobe. Then it was time to put them together. 400 screws later (to be honest it was 399 screws) the wardrobe was ready. We granted us a couple days at the cabin. Wednesday after we had moved all our stuff from the living room and inn to the new wardrobe it was time to relax. Sewing machine and some fabric was packed in the car and we went to our cabin.

My first finished project is four table mats, hexagons done by machine. I have made some others also but the bindings are not finished. I will post when they are done. I have also made a crib quilt top. I don’t have any batting with me. The agenda for next week are sewing and relaxing.