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lørdag 20. juni 2009

Table mats

Table mats are almost finished. But I have to sew the binding on at the back by hand, because one and a half to make all four done. I’m in a “bad” situation right now. Sitting here in our cabin and have no more thread to finish up. Tomorrow we are going to the birthday party and the table mats are the present, I have also planed that my niece should have some coasters too.

Step one is done.

Step two is to make a cut and a turn. Then sew together and add to more stripes.

Quilt and put on binding and the table mats are done.

5 kommentarer:

Merete sa...

Disse spisebrikkene er flotte! Kos deg på hytta i helga:-)

sjoko sa...

Det er mit første besøk, men jeg kommer gjerne igjen - du har mange koselige ting på gang, ser jeg ;o)
Takk for hyggelig kommentar på min blog.

Sigrun sa...

Kjempelekre! Og det sommwerfuglstoffet, waw....

karenfae sa...

I saw your name on Astrid's page (Grandma's Red Needle) and came to see what you have and what do I see but at the top of your page a red and white Dear Jane!! I'm making one too, it is my second one.

Elins systue sa...

Morsomme brikker. Spennende måte å gjøre det på