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lørdag 20. juni 2009


I got an award from Gudveig thank you; this is my first award so I’m pleased to get one. And with this award there is a challenge to give this to eight other bloggers that inspire you. Quite newcomer in blog land I have already got many favorite blogs. To give this award to only eight bloggers is not easy I have so many favorites. I have chosen these eight on my list today listed in alphabetic order. I give you my award.
Country log cabin
Merete V
Rita R

2 kommentarer:

Lappesola sa...

Tusen takk!

klem fra Sol

Astrid sa...

Hei Sissel,

Det var en veldig hyggelig overraskelse!
Tusen takk!
Jeg synes forresten de spisebrikkene dine er saa flotte!