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lørdag 20. juni 2009

Table mats

Table mats are almost finished. But I have to sew the binding on at the back by hand, because one and a half to make all four done. I’m in a “bad” situation right now. Sitting here in our cabin and have no more thread to finish up. Tomorrow we are going to the birthday party and the table mats are the present, I have also planed that my niece should have some coasters too.

Step one is done.

Step two is to make a cut and a turn. Then sew together and add to more stripes.

Quilt and put on binding and the table mats are done.

Get inspired

Get inspired, I just have to take a photo of this cabin roof. I find it beautiful and inspiring.


I got an award from Gudveig thank you; this is my first award so I’m pleased to get one. And with this award there is a challenge to give this to eight other bloggers that inspire you. Quite newcomer in blog land I have already got many favorite blogs. To give this award to only eight bloggers is not easy I have so many favorites. I have chosen these eight on my list today listed in alphabetic order. I give you my award.
Country log cabin
Merete V
Rita R

søndag 14. juni 2009

Happy Home and Flying Lessons

Some more stitchery is finished. Block 6 in Verandah Views - 10 month free stitchery BOM Flying lessons is done and I have started on a new project.  

Flying Lessons

This time it’s Rosalie Quinlan design Little Patchwork Village Wall Quilt. My plan is to do the stitchery in the pattern but not using the star blocks.

Block 1 Happy Home

Now I have some time sew and these fabrics are the one I’m using. I am going to make some table mats, use my favorite pattern by Lise Bergene.


søndag 7. juni 2009


On Sølvis blog she have some coasters that she made a few days ago. Today, I have done the same. They are very simple and quick to make. I have seen these as round pieces before, but I liked very much when they were square. I used square 4.5 "* 4.5".

lørdag 6. juni 2009

Verandah Views block 4 and 5

I woke up early today, and started with some stitching, the fist I did was to finish block 4 in Verandah views The Buffet. My needle has a good speed today, so I have finished block 5 too, Fowl Play. Block 6 is ready to do and this block is so cute and I’m looking forward to start stitching the block.

Fowl Play

The Buffet

onsdag 3. juni 2009


My stitcheryfolder is finished :-) The pattern is created by annak. Picture on my stitcheryfolder are of my grandmother, my father's mother. She was born 17. May of 1890. I have never met her, she died about 10 years before I was born.