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søndag 26. april 2009

Table runner

This is what I have done recently. It’s not like the one that was inn my head before I stated sewing. Well everything can’t be ass you plan. I’m not quite satisfied with the result. My next step is to quilt the table runner; maybe I’ll do some appliqué.

4 kommentarer:

Karen sa...

Nice table runner! Love your Dear Jane quilt. I am "slowly" making one. A block a week. All by hand.

Lappedamen sa...

Kjempetøff løper! Flotte, friske farger - akkurat slik jeg liker. Jeg ville ikke ha applikert på denne, men det er min mening ;-))

Sarcastic Quilter sa...

hmm, I like it! I wouldn't applique but use colored or varigated thread and a floral or wavy design to keep it fun. But hey, that's me. I like it as is. :)

Hilde sa...

fin løper, holder på med de samme blokkene.Mulig det blir en duk.