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søndag 26. april 2009


What is this? I have been a naughty girl :-) Lunch time Thursday I was in Vennesla and of course I had to visit the local quiltshop Lydia quiltshop . The prices are very nice an even the plan was: not shop much I got all this fabric. The excuse for my self is that my youngest boy turn 18 this day so I want celebrate that both my boys are of age.

I don’t know way, but I love rulers so when I fond one that I didn’t have I had to buy it . I have done flying gees
the way Eleanor Burns do them many times, using my other rulers when cutting and that works fine. But to day I found out that I “need” this one. LOL


2 kommentarer:

Merete sa...

Godt å se at det ikke bare er meg som lar meg friste til nyinnkjøp. Nydelige stoffer:-)

Nancy in Norway sa...

Bad girl, bad girl! Hi hi hi